NHRS offers education sessions at our Concord office and various locations throughout the state. Members, Retirees and Employers can also access narrated slideshows on various topics.

Live Presentations

Member Education

During this presentation, members of all ages and in various stages of their career will be provided with general information about NHRS benefits, including an overview of NHRS as a defined benefit plan; service, early, disability, and vested deferred retirement; pre-retirement and post-retirement death benefits; and other important aspects of NHRS benefits. Please note that personalized account information, pension estimates, and information about retiree health insurance are not offered during these sessions. Due to differences in the benefit structure, separate presentations are given for Group I (Employee and Teacher) and Group II (Police and Fire) members.

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Presentation Materials

Members who are unable to attend a live presentation or would like extra copies of the presentation materials may view and print PDF copies below. A packet of these materials is given to each member who attends a live presentation.

Additional Materials

Employer Education

During this presentation, employers will be provided with general information on various topics, including member enrollment and eligibility, exemption of certain positions from mandatory enrollment, long and short-term disability reporting, de-certifying group II positions, reporting on multiple positions, and NHRS retirees returning to work. In addition, NHRS will go over recent legislative changes. This presentation is geared toward individuals involved in payroll and/or human resources.

Different sessions are offered for political subdivision employers and school employers.

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Narrated Slideshows

Note: These presentations are posted on YouTube. They will open in a new browser window.

General Education 

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Member Education

Life of a Member Presentations

Every member has his or her own retirement story. Journey along with four NHRS members through their careers and retirement. These stories are meant to illustrate some of the interactions you will have with NHRS on your journey and help you better understand the retirement process.

Employer Education

Retiree Education