If your NHRS live event has been rescheduled or cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, recorded versions of our live presentations, plus informational handouts, can be found on this page. For questions, please call the NHRS office at (603) 410-3500 or email [email protected] 

NHRS offers education sessions at our Concord office and various locations throughout the state. Members, Retirees and Employers can also access narrated slideshows on various topics.

Live Presentations

  • Employer Education
    • NHRS offers two employer presentations:

      • Employer Audit presentation providing a general overview of employer information including: member enrollment; salary continuance; part-time employment of NHRS retirees; earnable compensation; termination forms; and common issues found during employer audits. Different sessions are offered for political subdivision employers and school employers.
      • Employer Reporting presentation providing training on the reporting of active member wages and contributions and retiree hours and compensation including: navigating the DRS, clearing exceptions, remitting payments; and penalties for late or incorrect reporting.

      These presentations are geared toward individuals involved in payroll and/or human resources. 

      Check out our events listings to find and register for a session

Narrated Online Presentations

Note: These presentations are posted on YouTube. They will open in a new browser window.