NHRS Employer Reporting Exception Update

May 07, 2018

NHRS recently conducted a review of its enrollment records that resulted in an adjustment to the employer reporting exception, “An employed member record was not found.”  This adjustment may result in some employers receiving an exception notification for certain employee(s) records that had previously processed without issue.

You will see this exception for member records submitted under either of the following circumstances:

  • A member was hired from another NHRS-covered employer and a new enrollment form was not submitted to NHRS.
  • A member transferred from one plan to another with the same employer and a new enrollment form was not submitted to NHRS. (Example: An “Employee” member is transferred to a “Teacher” position.)

In order for NHRS to maintain accurate member records, employers must submit an enrollment form to NHRS in the following instances:

  • New hire meeting minimum participation standards for enrollment.
  • Member returning to work after being inactive for 180 days or more.
  • Member in a new position that falls within a different group (Group I or Group II) or job class (Employee, Teacher, Police, Fire).
  • Member taking a position with another NHRS-covered employer.

Enrollment forms are available at: https://www.nhrs.org/employers/forms

This exception was adjusted as part of our ongoing effort to maintain the integrity of member data and to assure that pension eligibility and benefit records are accurate. If you have any questions regarding this exception, please call NHRS at (603) 410-3532.