New email notice added to DRS

Jun 10, 2019

A new email notification through the Data Reporting System (DRS) will be activated on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.  This notification will alert employers if a difference exists between the monthly contribution amounts reported on batches, and the monthly contribution amounts actually paid.

Employers with discrepancies between batches and voucher payments will now receive these notification emails. These emails will serve as a more immediate notification of a discrepancy that will need to be resolved.

Information on this new notification was included in the NHRS Employer Newsletter released in April and this email serves as a reminder.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 603-410-3532.

The text of the new email notification is below:


This notice is to advise you that an over- or underpayment exists for batch number XXXXX, which was due on MM/DD/YYYY. There are reports on the DRS that can assist you with identifying the discrepancy:

Employer Account Activity/Employer Account Activity Summary - This report shows the total receivable posted from the file by plan, as well as the total payment applied to the batch.

Employer Reconciliation Report - This report shows individual pay information for each employee by pay period contained in a posted batch and can be used to compare with your payroll reports to identify differences in wages paid and wages reported by employee.

Report Difference - This report tracks corrections made during the exception-clearing process for a particular batch by showing the original data submitted and what it was changed to for each employee.

If an employee's wage or contribution information needs to be corrected or if you need assistance with payment reconciliation, please call NHRS at 603-410-3532 or 1-877-600-0158 (ext. 3532).