2019 Retiree Tax Documents Available Online

Jan 15, 2020

Copies of 2019 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099-R for New Hampshire Retirement System retirees and beneficiaries have been posted to My Account, the retirement system’s online portal.

All retirees and beneficiaries will begin receiving paper copies of these important tax documents via U.S. Mail in late January, however, My Account users wishing to get a jump on tax filing may print out their 1099-Rs immediately.

A Form 1099-R is an IRS form which reports a taxpayer's distributions that are considered reportable income from pensions, annuities, IRAs, insurance contracts, profit-sharing plans and/or retirement plans. Form 1099-R reports the gross distribution, any taxable amount applicable to that gross distribution, and any portion of federal income that was withheld, as well as other tax information.

Important note: If you receive a pension benefit and a beneficiary benefit OR if you receive multiple pension benefits you will need to print multiple Form 1099-Rs from My Account to obtain all of your required tax information.

An informational graphic on how to read your Form 1099-R is available at: https://www.nhrs.org/docs/default-source/other/1099r_how-to-read.pdf

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning your 1099-R can be found at: https://www.nhrs.org/faqs/faq-1099r

If you have additional questions please contact the NHRS Finance Department at (603) 410-3659, toll-free (877) 600-0158, ext. 3659, or [email protected].